Why I’m Here

Language barriers, biased education systems, prejudice and ignorance, agenda oriented media; presumption innocent or otherwise – I want to begin to try to cure these for myself and I think it’d be awesome to have a space on the web  where questions of all kinds can be asked and answered by people from all walks of life.  I’ll have questions of my own but I am not here to drive the conversation.

The agenda here is simply to promote and celebrate authentic curiosity and understanding.

The rules are simple: Ugliness, disrespect, lewdness, recruitment will not be tolerated.  I will delete and ultimately block violators.

Persian Baha’i wife and mother

…  that left Iran and is working very hard to bring her husband and hopefully other family members over to a new country she is new to herself.  I can see she is very strong, very determined and incredibly hard working.  I imagine she must be very courageous to do what she has done so far and is doing.  I wonder what a journey like this might be like for somebody like her and what might her loved ones face in this whole process?